SEO score and rank tracker

Track your SERP position, optimize your SEO score, and monitor your SEO performance

SEO Score is a rank tracker tool that lets you keep track of your Google positions over time. You can keep track of the average position of your domain, but you also have access to graphs for each keyword. In the list views, you see information about search volume, competition, and more.

Your SEO score tells you, how well your website is performing in Google. If your SEO score is low, it means that you’re missing opportunities to optimize. So of course, we give you optimization suggestions to help you rank higher. We update all positions daily, and we’ll keep sending you optimization suggestion.

Monitor your competitors

SEO Score shows you how your competitors rank on your keywords

In our competitor view, you can see how your competitors rank on the keywords that you are optimizing for. All you have to do is select a keyword, and SEO Score will show you the 10 highest ranking results over the last month. The colored graphs are a visual shortcut to an intuitive overview of your competitors.

Get competitor backlinks

Find new and useful link opportunities among your competitors’ backlinks

Link building is a tough job that brings giants to their knees. With SEO Score you’ll get unique inside knowledge about competitor backlinks that you can use to find new links to your own site. Among your competitors’ backlinks are your new link opportunities, and you’ll have information about the authority of each link.

SEO Score gives you everything you need

We’ve been working with SEO for years. And we know the ingredients of a great SEO tool.

Rank tracker

Track your Google positions and keep an eye on the effect of your marketing and SEO efforts. SEO Score gives you daily updates.

Mobile rankings

Mobile and desktop rankings vary, and since more than 50% of all search traffic comes from mobile devices you need to be able to track your mobile rankings.

SEO score

SEO Score provides you with a unique score for each of your domains. We calculate your SEO score on the basis of your position and several on-page factors.

Competitor views

Keep a watchful eye on the SERP positions of your competitors. SEO Score will automatically find and track your biggest competitors and give you an overview.


Get unique link opportunities by checking out your competitors’ backlinks. With SEO Scores you can request backlinks from one or more competitors.

Optimization suggestions

SEO Score provides you with helpful optimization suggestions for all tracked keywords. Look at it as a quick start guide for achieving a better SERP position.

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