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What is search intent anyway and why is it so gosh-darn important for SEO?

Magnetic metadata

Search intent is the answer, the product, or the information you want to find when you search Google or one of the other search engines. You could say it’s the direction of your search. Search intent is also called user intent and keyword intent. They all mean the same thing. For a search engine to …

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Heard of keyword clustering? Here’s how grouping keywords can work miracles for your SEO stategy

Cluster articles

Keyword clustering is probably something you’ve already stumbled upon. If not keyword clustering, then maybe keyword grouping, topic clustering, pillar content, cornerstone content, umbrella content, or content silos. This tactic has a lot of different names, and they all rotate around the same principle. Are your eyebrows making contact with your hairline right now? Fair …

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Conformity: SEO writing enemy no. 1

I admit it. I’m the teensiest bit prejudiced. When I see someone with, say, blue hair, my mind instantly decides on what type of person I’m looking at. Based on nothing but the poor soul’s choice of hair dye, can you believe it? It happens so fast that I don’t have time to put my …

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6 keyword optimization tips to put some zing in your SEO

Find new keyword ideas

Thump, thump, thumpety-thump. Keyword optimization is the beating heart of SEO. As you know, the heart is a muscle. It needs exercise to stay strong, so you’re constantly on the lookout for genius SEO tips to revitalize the pump. Problem is, many of the articles about keyword optimization are alike. They’re all about metadata, H-tags, …

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What is copywriting? The last copywriting guide you’ll ever need

Painful copywriting

So what is copywriting? Copywriting is writing with the goal of persuading people to do something. Do what? Doing means either buying a product, believing in an idea, or adopting a set of values. Words can make readers do that. Remarkable, isn’t it? Once copywriting equaled short-form content. Like ads in papers. Or on billboards. …

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How to visibly grow your website traffic with long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords SEO

Is the fierce online competition eating away at your motivation? Are you spending all your time trying to rank for those select few keywords and never really making it to the top? I’m sorry to have to tell you, but you’re going about it all wrong. You’re forgetting the long-tail keywords. What are long-tail keywords? …

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5 SEO myths you have to stop believing this instant

Keyword stuffing and SEO

SEO is a peculiar thing. From being a braindead and not very people-friendly activity, it has evolved into a user-centric practice. Today, the true purpose of SEO is clear: Create the best possible experience for the user, and you will be rewarded with a nice view from the top of the search engines. Most professional …

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Not another SEO tool

SEO tools

Hold your horses … Another SEO tool? Yes, that’s exactly what SEO Score is. But it’s not just another SEO tool. Let me tell you why. It all started with “wow”, “oh, my”, and “where to start”. Of course, I’m talking about some of the other SEO tools out there. The major ones. The ones …

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