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Tag et kig i vores FAQ. Her vil du sandsynligvis finde det svar, du søger. Vores FAQ dækker de oftest stillede spørgsmål omkring funktionalitet, konto og betaling. Hvis du stadig er i tvivl efter at have læst vores FAQ, er du velkommen til at kontakte os. Skriv en e-mail, eller benyt ikonet i nederste højre hjørne til at sende os en besked, så vender vi tilbage hurtigst muligt. Vores FAQ er på engelsk, så både du og alle vores internationale venner kan være med.

  • Functionality

  • Why should I use an SEO tool?
    Most likely you have a goal of making money and gaining visibility, followers, and awareness. By using an SEO tool, you can keep track of your SERP position and make sure that your hard work pays off. Without an SEO tool, you have no overview of the effect of keyword optimization, linkbuilding, and technical improvements.
  • Who can use SEO Score?
    SEO Score is for everyone. We have different subscription plans to choose from, and there?s a plan for both businesses, SEO agencies, and private persons.
  • Why should I choose SEO Score instead of other SEO tools?
    We have done our very best to create an intuitive and budget-friendly SEO tool that provides you with everything you need. With SEO Score you get a unique SEO score to help you navigate. We use graphs as well as numbers so if you?re a more visually oriented type of person, you?ll feel right at home.

    SEO Score also offers access to competitor backlinks, which is not very common to SEO tools in our price range.

    And did we mention that SEO Score has the stamp ?Made in Denmark? underneath?
  • How will SEO Score give me an overview of my SEO efforts?
    Our rank tracker allows you to track the position of your website and specific keywords. You can also monitor your closest competitors? position on these keywords. Consult both numbers and graphs to find out how many positions you?ve gained or lost, and use SEO Score to get a sense of your overall development.
  • How can SEO Score help me optimize my SEO efforts?
    When you monitor your SERP position and compare it to your SEO effort you will know what works and what doesn?t work. Need some help with SEO? Just the customized optimization suggestions that SEO Score gives you.
  • What is an SEO score?
    Your SEO score is based on a number of important on-page factors and your current position in SERP. A low SEO score indicates that you make some adjustments, and for that, you have the optimization suggestions to help you.
  • How many competitors can I track with SEO Score?
    SEO Score will show the top-10 results in the search engines for each keyword. If you?re in the top-10, you can track 9 competitors. If you?re so amazingly skilled that you have two results in top-10, you can track 8 competitors.
  • Can I sort my competitors by tracked keyword?
    Yes. Choose a specific keyword, and SEO Score will show you the top-10 results for this keyword.
  • What are backlinks?
    Backlinks are links pointing from one website to another website. Along with content the amount and the quality of a website?s backlinks are the most important ranking factor for search engines.
  • How do I benefit from having access to competitor backlinks?
    Many or most of your competitors? backlinks will be relevant for you. But figuring out where they come from without the help of a tool is a never-ending story. SEO Score provides you with a handy list of competitor backlinks so you can get started right away. Often, it doesn?t take more than a handful of quality backlinks for you to take the lead in the search engines.
  • Can I export competitor backlinks?
    Sure. Export competitor backlinks as .csv or .exls.
  • For how long back in time can I track my SERP position?
    6 months.
  • How often do you update my position?
    Once a day.
  • Can I track my website in different languages and countries?
    Of course you can. Just choose the relevant language and search engine location for each website you wish to track.
  • If I choose to track keywords in different languages or countries, do I use up more of my keyword allowance?
    Yes, if you choose to track one keyword in four languages you use up four keywords out of your allowance.
  • Can I use SEO Score on mobile devices?
    Go right ahead. Unlike many other SEO tools, ours is responsive and easy to access on all mobile devices.
  • Why do SEO Score's results sometimes differ from what I see in Google?
    Search engines go out of their way to present relevant search results for every user. To do that they take both search history, language, location, and other preferences into account. That?s why you?ll probably get slightly different results than me on a given search query ? and that?s why the SEO Score results sometimes differ from what you see in Google. SEO Score?s results are not influenced by prior search history.
  • How many backlinks can I get?
    It's quite unique for a rank tracker to provide access to competitor backlinks. But SEO Score does. This is because we know how difficult and time-consuming it is to find backlinks to boost SEO, and we want to help you get this done much quicker.

    However, we have to limit the number of backlinks. Some of your competitors might have hundreds of thousands of backlinks and it takes a considerable amount of resources every time you request backlinks from our system.

    How many backlinks you're allowed to get each month depends on your subscription plan.

    The smallest plan lets you have 500 backlinks and 1 request. This means that you can request backlinks once a month, and you'll get 500 of whichever number of backlinks the chosen competitor has. If he doesn't have any, you have still used up your request for that month. Our Pro plan lets you request backlinks 10 times a month, each time retrieving up to 10,000 backlinks from the chosen competitor.

    Does it make sense to request backlinks from the same competitor twice? No, it doesn't. If you do, you will get the same 500-10,000 backlinks once more.
  • Payment

  • Do you have access to / save my credit card information?
    SEO Score uses a secure SSL connection meaning that all transactions are encrypted. We do not (we really don?t!) store any information about payment on our server. When you push the "Subscribe" button a secure Stripe payment window will emerge. Our remote partner Stripe handles all payments. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry, so you?re in great hands.
  • Do I need to give up my credit card information to start my free trial period?
    Nope, no need for that until you choose a subscription plan. We don?t even require a bunch of contact information. All we need is a valid e-mail address and you can get started. Easy peasy.
  • Do I get an invoice?
    Sure you can. Get your invoice in the app whenever you need it.
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