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Need a Google rank checker?

An amazingly simple and ridiculously cheap Google rank checker?

Rank tracker toolThis is it. Welcome to SEO Score.

SEO Score is a Google rank checker for small and medium-sized businesses. Do you own one?

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate already. You don’t want to set aside weeks to get to know a new Google rank checker. But you’re smart. So you know that a rank checker is a must-have when you optimize for Google.

We’ve made keyword tracking easy.

With SEO Score you can track up to 2000 keywords. And we update your positions daily. Just enter your keywords, choose your location, and you’re all set.

You can track the average position of your domain while also checking the rankings of individual keywords. Below your average Google position, SEO Score shows you the distribution of keywords in the SERP. While red is a lovely color, you’ll want more of a greenish tint for your columns. Because that means you’ve made it to Google’s top three.

SERP view - Google SERP checker

Besides your current Google position for each keyword, you’ll also have a bunch of SERP stats at your disposal. These include search volume, CPC, and the number of Google results.

Want to know how your competitors are doing?

Let SEO Score keep you up to date with competitor rankings. Our Google rank checker shows you the current top 10 search engine positions for all your keywords. Intuitive line graphs make it easy to monitor competitor climbs and drops while a list view gives you a valuable SERP preview of each of your competitors’ top-ranking landing pages.

Competitors view - Rank checker Google

Oh, and there are backlinks too. Our rank checker lets you have access to competitor backlinks. A competitor’s backlink profile is sure to contain little droplets of nectar to ease your link building efforts. Same business. Same topic. Same expertise. If your competitor can have a link, then, probably so can you.

Chances are you’ll have a stack of efficient backlinks you’d never have found on your own.

And the SEO score?

Your website SEO score is an indicator of your website’s performance. A low SEO score means you’re missing opportunities to optimize. In other words, you need to boost your SEO.

We could all use a little SEO boost.

SEO is a tough game. You wouldn’t mind getting a couple of tips from your Google rank checker, would you?

Optimization suggestions are part of the package when you sign up for SEO Score.

The suggestions help you optimize metadata.


But metadata is not a ranking factor, you say.

No. It’s not.

But if you fail to optimize metadata then it will hurt your rankings.

Let me tell you why.

While metadata is not a direct ranking factor, click-through rate and bounce rate are. And when people search Google, they have only the metadata to help them decide on a SERP result.

Creative, smart, and carefully written metadata makes people click.

Boring, overselling, or missing (!) metadata, however, does not.

That’s why SEO Score taps you on the shoulder whenever you can make improvements.

Make this Google rank checker your new team member and SEO sidekick.

Simple. Efficient. Addictive.

And it definitely won’t tip your budget.

That’s a promise. Plans start at just 19$.

Join us today.

No, we won’t ask for credit card info 🙂