Keyword rank checker – How I learned to stop worrying and love the SEO Score

So you’re in the market for a keyword rank checker to keep track of your SERP positions?

I’m glad you came by.

If you’re dedicated to SEO and sizzling content marketing, SEO Score and I are in this with you for the long haul. I promise.

What kind of keyword rank checker have I stumbled upon here?

I would ask myself the same question if I were you.

SEO in the blind without a keyword rank checkerIn short, SEO Score is a rank tracker for everybody. However, the tool was designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Just you in the office? No worries. One-man and one-woman armies will feel right at home here.

SEO Score is for website owners fumbling in the dark because they have no idea what positions their sites hold. Or, for that matter, if they’re doing better with SEO this week than they did last week.

You know that clammy feeling of not knowing whether all your hard work is paying off or kicking you in the butt? I thought you might. You’re probably thinking “A keyword rank checker is what I need”.

And indeed it is.

How familiar are you with SEO, I wonder?

I’m asking because your knowledge of SEO will influence your choice of rank tracker.

Okay, so let me take a guess. You have a couple of steps to climb before you reach expert level. You’ve been browsing for hours. And you find it difficult to decide which tool is the right one for you. And maybe – just maybe – the thought of committing to a new SEO tool makes you nervous because you’ve been disappointed before.

I get it.

Bloated pricing, complicated navigation, and endless lists of sour-tasting features would make anybody think twice about going steady with a keyword rank checker.

Your new rank tracker tool has to be sophisticated enough to assist you when you feel stuck. It has to have only carefully chosen features and no fluff. It needs to be fast, reliable, cheap, and simple as hell (‘scuse my French). I know that your time is precious. And, believe me, your SERP position is serious business for both of us.

In other words, I’m here to tell you to stop worrying.

SEO Score is the right match for you.

Don’t worry about your SEO score. Instead, let it guide you.

Wait a second … We are talking about Google rank tracking, aren’t we?

Yes, we are.

And we’ll get back to keyword position checking in a minute.

I just want you to know a little about the SEO score that gave this tool its name.

Love your SEO scoreWhen you begin your free trial period – no credit card required – you start by entering your domain. Your SEO score is your average ranking turned into percent. Don’t worry if your score is not great. It will be once you get your hands on all the crispy keyword optimization suggestions right next to your score.

Yup, you’ll have optimization suggestions for each keyword ranking within the top 100 in Google. A musty SEO score shouldn’t feel like a slap in the face. Not at all. And thanks to the build-in helping hand, you’ll see your SEO score – even a lukewarm one – as a chance to get better rankings.

How about that keyword rank checker?

Let’s dive into that, head first.

We update your keyword positions every day. Anything less would be unfair to you.

Also, you’ll have a fresh and intuitive overview of both keyword distribution and keyword movement when you click the “rank” icon. Looks like this:

SERP view - Google SERP checker

Smokin’, huh?

If, say, on a Tuesday afternoon you find yourself in the mood for rows instead of graphs, click the “keywords” icon.

In here is everything your data-loving heart so desires. Including optimization suggestions.

The miniature graphs to the right are sweet as candy, don’t you think?

Keywords view - Keyword rank checker

Hey, I wanna ask you something …

… Ever thought about clustering your keywords?

With this keyword rank tracker, you can.

Cluster your keywords, that is.

But why sould you choose to do such a thing?

Because it helps you season your content and make it scrumptious. Clustering keywords means sorting them into categories. Optimizing one piece of content for a whole group of keywords that play well together is a much more viable strategy than the one-page-per-keyword line of thinking. Matching keyword strings is a thing of the dusty past. Keyword grouping, on the other hand, has “Welcome to the future of SEO writing” written all over it.

Adopting this juicy SEO writing tactic means rethinking the way you do keyword research. You will have to spend some time digging up synonyms, related topics, secondary keywords, long-tail-keywords, and questions in relation to every primary keyword you got. This, in turn, will help you become more attentive to search intent. In case you didn’t know, search intent is the mother of all SEO buzzwords. Or la jefa, as they say in Spain.

Group your keywords easily with SEO Score and track the group as well as your individual keywords.

You worry about your competitors too, don’t you?

No need for that, either. We’ve got you covered.

When you click the “competitors” icon, you’ll see a list of all your keywords to the left. Choose a keyword, and let your eyes drift towards the vibrant colors to the right. Those graphs show you what domains occupy position 1-10 for that particular keyword. If you’re not there already, you’re about to join the party.

It all looks something like this:

Competitors view - Rank checker Google

Underneath the list and the top-10 color scheme, you have direct access to SERP previews for all your competitors. Feel free to borrow some of their secret sauce to cook up your own flavourful metadata.

What other yummy perks come with SEO Score?

Well, gosh. How about mobile rankings? Those are immensely important today since most of us live our lives with our noses constantly in contact with a smartphone screen. No wonder they get so greasy.

And there’s more.

I almost forgot to mention that you get to request competitor backlinks for your linkbuilding. If you’d like to sink your teeth into a buttery bundle of competitor backlinks, go right ahead. You need to choose a subscription plan, though. But as we tell you on the homepage, SEO Score is a ridiculously cheap keyword rank checker. No gut-punching prices in this house.

And, of course, the blog exists only for you. You’re always welcome to stop by with a freshly made cup o’ joe in hand and time to spare. The SEO Score blog is the place to be if your face looks all funny at the mention of keyword clustering, long-tail-keywords, or search intent. I’ll tell you all about it.

So like I said, don’t worry.

Before you know it, you’ll be hopelessly and platonically in love with SEO Score. And the feeling is mutual.

Did I mention that you can keep your credit card in your pocket when you sign up for the trial period?

Oh, okay.