Not another SEO tool

Hold your horses …

Another SEO tool?

Yes, that’s exactly what SEO Score is. But it’s not just another SEO tool.

Let me tell you why.

It all started with “wow”, “oh, my”, and “where to start”. Of course, I’m talking about some of the other SEO tools out there. The major ones. The ones that have enough features and functions to make your head spin. This dizziness is great – if you have a behemoth company and an army to make use of said features and functions. Most people don’t, though. We didn’t either.

We – as in the friendly ‘us’ behind SEO Score – have been in the marketing business for some time now, and we know quite a few things about copywriting, content marketing, and search engine optimization. And we’re a small business by choice – more “hoogah”, you know. So we started looking for an SEO tool that could help our small business without bankrupting it. What I mean is – the pro SEO tools out there are expensive, if you don’t even need half of what they can do.

The solution

So what to do when there is no solution out there that fits your needs? You create your very own SEO tool. And that’s what we did. Made it from scratch. At our disposal.

SEO toolsThough still a work in progress, SEO Score is everything we were looking for, but couldn’t find. It’s a professional rank tracker that helps us keep track of our Google position. It gives us an intuitive overview of our performance in comparison with our competitors. It can even show us mobile rankings.

Sometimes finding backlinks is an uphill struggle. When the slope is too steep to climb without help, we use SEO Score to lift the skirts of our competitors.

What’s underneath?

A nice big collection of backlink opportunities to go for. On top of that, SEO Score provides us with optimization suggestions that will improve the rankings of, for instance, central landing pages.

But why the name ‘SEO Score’? Because you’ll get one. A score, that is. Our tool hand out a SEO score for each of your domains, and the score is an intuitive indicator of your SEO performance. A low score means that you still have a way to go. Luckily, you have the optimization suggestions to point you in the right direction.

Join a group of smart pros

Creating an SEO tool takes a lot of effort. A lot. But it was worth it because now it can help you, too.

After having used it for a while, we thought “why not share it?” If you run a small online business, you probably know all about the price range of the large SEO tools. And maybe you’ve been searching the market for an SEO tool containing exactly what you need to improve your SERP position.

We’re here to invite you to join a group of quality demanding, budget oriented, and ambitious marketers and business owners. People who have been looking for an affordable top-notch SEO assistant to guide them on the way to increased visibility in the search engines.

You’re probably thinking: “Why should I hang around with you, newbies?” Well, because we really want you to. Because we’d like to see you succeed. Because as a small, family-owned business, it means something to have the chance to earn your trust. And because we’ve built a damn good SEO tool that just keeps getting better and better.

Have questions before signing up? Don’t hesitate to write us – we love mail.

Need a little time to think? That’s perfectly fine. SEO Score is not going anywhere. While you decide, feel free to visit this blog whenever you have time. Here, you can become all kinds of smarter, as we post articles on both SEO, linkbuilding, copywriting, content marketing, and e-mail marketing. Between the lines you’ll even get little secrets to having fun while creating great text. The SEO Score blog is a friendly place full of honest advice on how to do better SEO with your customers in mind (I’m telling you, if Google was an actual person, we would get bearhugs!)

We hope to welcome you onboard very soon. Really.

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