Rank tracker – 7 reasons why using one is a catastrophic waste of money

What is a rank tracker but another red dot on your list of expenses?

You’re better off without it.

In fact, we’ve done some research, and we can present you with 7 eye-popping reasons for why you should flush your rank tracker down the toilet.

Yes, you heard me.

Let the silly thing go and save those 19$.

7 sturdy reasons NOT to use a rank tracker to monitor keyword positions and competitors and get on-page audits

Why you should start rank trackingReally, isn’t keyword tracking just some fancy abracadabra made up by SEOs and webpage owners to make themselves sound busy and important?

I say it is.

You don’t need inside knowledge about your competitors. And you can look up your Google position without the help of a specialized rank tracker tool.

Other excess features of this particular SEO tool count optimization suggestions, tracking of keyword groups, competitor backlinks, and, of course, a personal SEO score.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Reason #1: Your competitors: We are definitely NOT using a rank tracker

When SEO Score’s content creator in the field asked your competitors about structure and overview, they willingly admitted that such things are grossly overrated in your line of business.

So why on earth would you pay 19$ for an accurate and snappy rank tracker to help you keep an eye on your closest competitors?

They swore, cross their hearts and hope to die, that they never once spied on you. They did know, however, that you recently moved up a couple of positions on two long-tail keywords, but they got that from reading tealeaves, they said.

Rank tracker helps you beat competitorsI’m sure your competitors are minding their own business and are oblivious as to how you’re doing. Pretty sure, anyway. 40% sure, at least.

Much better to just go with the flow. See what happens.

Who cares if your competitors are closing in on you? So what if you never saw it coming?

You’ll get ahead again.


Reason #2: Forget about rank tracking – it’s all about lottery and cheesecake

Google’s infamous list of 200+ ranking factors is a hoax.

Google ranking factors hoaxIt’s really a recipe for an extremely complicated, but scrumptious cheesecake that takes somewhere between 5 to 7 weeks to bake. Not counting the topping.

The search engine has no system for choosing who ranks first, second, and third. What is actually going on is a top-secret lottery game where the engineers take turns grabbing the domain names from a grotesquely corpulent sack of post-its stored in a NASA hangar.

We did come up with a system once, but when RankBrain was about pull that Skynet-trick on us, we shut the thing down and went with the lottery-idea“, explains one engineer when SEO Score’s content creator cornered him with a squirt gun while he was getting a cup of coffee.

Bottom line: Google is nothing but a whimsical machine that picks webpages at random. Your position is arbitrary.

In other words, a rank tracker is about as useful as a vintage Japanese abacus.

Reason #3: Hard work is its own reward – a rank tracker will only get in the way

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Rank tracker monitors content performanceA real yarn connoisseur, you spent the last week completing a 3000-word blog post on knitting multicolored Appalachian sweaters for Boston Terriers. The sucker took forever to finish. Next week you plan to write about V-neck sweater vests.

The mammoth Appalacian piece seems to be doing its job and the conversion rate is sky-high. Balls of yarn fly out the door by the dozen. Until they don’t.

What happened?

Maybe one of your competitors geared up. Maybe one of your own URLs turned cannibal. Or maybe the latest Google update had something do to with it.

No matter that a rank tracker could have given you a heads up. We all know that your own hard work carries the juiciest oranges … Even though you might as well have been blindfolded … Fumbling for direction … Without the faintest clue what you’re doing …

Uhm …

Anyway, the important thing is you love that yarn scribbling and can’t wait to get started on those vests.

Reason #4: Rank tracker-opponent: Keyword tracking tools are for amateurs

SEO Score’s content creator in the field had a rendezvous with Bobby-Sue Johnson, a long-time rank tracker opponent.

CC: So Bobby-Sue, why don’t you like rank trackers?

BS: ‘Cause they’re a bunch of nasty, no-good, smartass online creatures sponging off your marketing budget when you’re not lookin’.

CC: Then why don’t you look at them? You’ll get crisp information about keyword positions – both your own and your competitors’. Mobile rakings too. Real value for money.

BS: No value there for me. I prefer entering my keywords into Google’s search field and finding my positions without a tool. Saves me 19$ each month. Besides, manual labor never hurt anybody.

CC: But doesn’t that take a lot of time?

BS: About 13 hours. It’s not so bad. And mobile searches – that’s another 13 hours.

CC:  Jeez! When do you sleep?! Gosh! Wouldn’t it be worth it if you could free those 2 times 13 hours for the price of a measly 19$?

From here the conversation got sidetracked. Bobby-Sue Johnson burst into ear-splitting song about the value of a dollar, and SEO Score’s content creator cut the interview short.

Nonetheless, there you have it.

Unshakable evidence that at least one person on planet Earth was driven off his rocker by rank tracker tools.

Or …

Was it not using a rank tracker that did the trick?

Reason #5: You need a rank tracker to get results from locations other than your own

That’s actually true.

As spirited as SEO Score’s content creator is, she was unable to find proof that Google will let you see results from locations other than your own. So yes, you do need a rank tracker for this one.

In the fall of 2017, Google cut the possibility of seeing global results. They did this to make search results more local and relevant.

You can fiddle with the settings all you want, but the results still come from your own backyard.

Darn it.

Using SEO Score, you can choose from what country and in what language you want your results. This doesn’t help our case, though, and we’re still moping a little. But we have nothing clever to say that might convince you to go on without a rank tracker.

(SEO Score’s content creator is working up the courage to call Bobby-Sue Johnson about this.)

Reason #6: Keyword clustering is a conspiracy meant to confuse the poop out of you

There’s a rumor going around.

It says that Google got smart and that you no longer need to optimize for keyword strings.

To clarify: Today’s keyword strategy should evolve around keyword clusters and not one keyword per page.

So you dig up all relevant keywords and group them together. Supposedly, creating content around those groups will help categorize your website and clarify its purpose. A well-structured website smooths the ride for crawlers, and on top of that, it will be easier for you to come up with new ideas for in-depth content pieces.

All this is possible and, supposedly, recommendable because of a 2013 Google core update that changed focus from keywords to topics.

Sure, it sounds convincing when you first hear it.

But don’t be fooled.

As Google’s engineer revealed to us at squirt gunpoint, Google search is nothing but a mammoth lottery game.

Hence trying to find a cheap, reliable, and accurate rank tracker that also allows you to track keyword groups is a total waste of time.

Reason #7: Finding backlinks is really not that difficult

Or time-consuming.

Thus, subscribing to a rank tracker that allows you to request competitor backlinks is for slackers and lazybones.

Ask anyone in your business for a backlink, and you’ll surely get one, no questions asked.

SEO Score’s content creator put this to the test. Over the course of a week, she contacted 492 online businesses and asked for a backlink.

Admittedly, 357 uttered things not to be repeated and smacked the digital door in her face. 132 never got back. 2 even sought her out and high fived her with a lawn chair.

Backlinks are difficult to come byBut hey, 1 said ‘no problem’ and gave her a backlink.

A nofollow backlink.

On a page that Google can’t find …

Er …

Okay, opting for a little help here might not be such a terrible idea after all.

If you are going to use a rank tracker …

… at least make sure to choose an amazingly simple and ridiculously cheap one 😉