Cheap ahrefs alternative

Looking for a cheap alternative to ahrefs?

I get you. Ahrefs is a wonderful tool for large companies filled with experts who know how to utilize the quadrillion features, buttons, and stats that ahrefs offer. But for small and medium-sized businesses, the tool is way too expensive and laden with excessive functions.

So if you own or represent such a company, of course you’re looking for an accurate, intuitive, and cheap ahrefs alternative. And you’re in luck because you already found one. SEO Score is a ridiculously cheap and amazingly simple rank tracker tool that will help you track your keywords rankings. It might just be your new favorite ahrefs alternative.

Try it out. You get a 14-day free trial. No strings. No credit card info required.

See you in the app!

Heard of keyword clustering? Here’s how grouping keywords can work miracles for your SEO stategy

Cluster articles

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6 keyword optimization tips to put some zing in your SEO

Find new keyword ideas

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How to visibly grow your website traffic with long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords SEO

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